Visiting Japan

Visa for Japan

1.  Visa Application

Please read before you apply for a visa.
◎ Visa applications for Iraqi nationals should be made at the accredited travel agencies in Baghdad or Erbil in accordance with the jurisdiction over the places of residence of the applicants. We may decline visa applications from areas outside the respective jurisdiction. (Click here for the list and the jurisdiction of the agents)
◎ Foreign nationals with stable residential status in Iraq are eligible to apply for the visa through the same procedure.
 Please note that the visa applications in the following special cases are accepted at the Embassy of Japan in Iraq (“the Embassy”) or the Consular Office in Erbil (“the Consular Office”) directly .
  1. Visa for those who travel to Japan for diplomatic and official purposes with an official letter issued by the authorities concerned in Iraq.
  2. Visa for those invited by the Government of Japan or the Independent administrative agencies of Japan (ex. JICA, Japan Foundation, JETRO).
  3. Visa for awardees of Japanese Government Scholarship.
  4. Visa for those who need imminent humanitarian assistance.
  • The visa applicants may be required to be interviewed at the Embassy or the Consular Office at the discretion of the officer in charge.
  • Those who apply for a visa by the proxy need to submit a power of attorney signed by the passport holder.
  • The passport of the visa applicants should have at least 2 blank visa pages and be valid during his/her stay in Japan.
  • Normally, a visa process takes 5 working days if all the requirements are met. However, there are certain cases which require a referral to the government office in Japan. Such referral cases may take up to 2 months for results. Therefore, it is recommended to submit the visa application well in advance.  

2.  Application Procedures and List of Basic Documents

  • Visa for Short-Term Stay (within 90 days)
Visa for short-term stay is applied for the following purposes and not exceeding 90 day period:
Sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, recreation, convalescence, attending a conference, participation in unpaid lectures, meetings, amateur athletic meetings or other contests, short business trips (e.g. market surveys, business talks, after sales service for machinery imported into Japan).
  • This category excludes profit-making operations and paid activities.
  • Nationals and citizens of those countries and regions shown in this list are NOT required to obtain a visa to enter Japan.
<Required Documents>
a. For Iraqi nationals     English     Japanese
b. For other nationals    English (see “Short-Term Stay” and click your nationality)
                                   Japanese (see “短期滞在”and click your nationality)
Proof of residential status in Iraq (Iraqi resident visa etc.) is required besides the Required Documents.
  • Apply with “Certificate of Eligibility” issued by Immigration Service Agency of Japan (Work or Long-Term Stay)
This is for the person working or staying more than 90 days in Japan.
     * Procedure for Work or Long-Term Stay
     * Regarding a process of obtaining Certificate of Eligibility, please inquire to the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan.(Information Centre of Regional Immigration Bureau is here.)
<Required documents>
  1. A valid passport
  2. An application form and 1 photograph (Passport Size)
  3. The original and copy of Certificate of Eligibility
  4. Identification documents such as Iraqi ID
  • Diplomatic / Official purposes
※ Please apply at the Embassy or the Consular Office.
<Required documents>
  1. A valid passport
  2. An application form and 1 photograph (Passport Size)
  3. A letter from the authorities concerned in Iraq certifying the identity of the person concerned, his or her purposes of visit and schedule of stay in Japan.
  • Others
Please contact to the Embassy or the Consular Office.

3.  Visa Application Documents (Download)         

  • Visa application form                                   English     (Sample  English)
  • Schedule of stay                       Japanese     English     (Sample   Japanese     English)
  • Letter of reason for invitation(No need signature or stamp)     Japanese     English
  • Letter of guarantee(No need signature or stamp)                      Japanese     English
  • List of visa applicants form when there are two or more applicants)     Japanese     English 
  • Form of overview of the company / organization                                Japanese     English

4.  Visa Fee and Application Fee

  • Visa Fee for the Embassy or the Consular Office
     ➢ 30,000 Iraqi dinars per person for Iraqi nationals (as of April 1, 2024).
        * Other than Iraqi nationals, it will vary from one nationality to another.
        * It is exempted for those visiting Okinawa as tourist and three Tohoku prefectures.
     ➢ The Embassy or the Consular Office does NOT charge the fee in case a visa application is denied.
     ➢ The travel agencies will collect it by cash.
     ➢ The Embassy or the Consular Office does NOT charge other fees.
  • Application Fee for the travel agencies
The travel agencies may charge “Application Fee” for all the visa applicants on top of the visa fee for the Embassy or the Consular Office.

5.  Contact Information of the Embassy or the Consular Office

  • Regarding general inquiries of visa application such as visa requirements, please contact to the travel agencies.
  • Frequently Asked Questions English
We cannot give you any reason of the visa rejection.

Embassy of Japan in Iraq
TEL: +964-770-494-2032 (English, Arabic)
Consular Office of Japan in Erbil
TEL: +964-751-740-6714 or +964-751-018-8074 (English, Arabic)