JICA Alumni Association- Iraq (JAAI) Commemorative Ceremony of Reaching 10,000 Trainees who Participated in JICA Training Programme

On 17 April, 2024, Mr. MASAMOTO Kenichi, Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Iraq, attended a commemorative ceremony for celebrating the achievement of JICA training programme in Iraq. The ceremony was held to commemorate the fact that the number of Iraqi participants for JICA training program has reached 10,000.

Since 1958, 10,718 Iraqi government officials have participated in the JICA training programme, and utilized the experiences and expertise acquired through the training for the development of Iraq. Mr. MASAMOTO in his speech at the ceremony, stressed that JICA training programme has been playing an important role in transferring skills and experiences in the various fields, such as energy, agriculture, health, justice and governance. He also pointed out that the technical cooperation, including the JICA training programme, has been the one of the pillars of Japan’s development assistance to Iraq.