Al-Qiyem Primary School participates in the Japanese mural project to cheer on 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

No. 18

On 28 December 2019, the Embassy of Japan presented half-completed mural and handmade artworks from the pupils of Okazaki Mutsumihokubu Elementary School of Japan to Al-Qiyem Primary School in Baghdad. The pupils of Al-Qiyem Primary School are now expected to draw the other half to finish the mural by the end of January 2020 to send it back to Japan for its display at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Japan Art Mile (JAM) initiated this “International Intercultural Mural Exchange (IIME)” project. IIME is an international collaborative learning project aiming to cultivate future generations who will create a peaceful and sustainable world. On the program, children in Japan and overseas can interactively learn about global themes such as culture and peace by jointly producing one mural drawn by halves as their learning outcome.
The pupils of Japan and Iraq are drawing a mural that cheers on the athletes participating in 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games from all over the world. The mural will be displayed at the venue of the sport events along with the other murals from all over the world.
The size of the mural is 1.6m x 3.6m. The pupils of the Japanese elementary school drew a half of it, and they sent it to Iraq together with painting materials in the hope that the pupils of Al-Qiyem Primary School would complete the other half in January 2020.
The Japanese pupils presented other heart-warming handmade artworks such as Karuta, a Japanese card game, New Year cards, and bookmarks for their friends in Iraq.