The 80th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Iraq Commemorative Event “The 11th Japan-Iraq Joint Academic Meeting”

No. 16
The Embassy of Japan in Iraq is hosting the 11th Japan-Iraq Joint Academic Meeting between 25 and 28 September 2019. The event is co-organized by the University of Baghdad and Chiba University of Japan, in association with Iraqiya University and Al-Qiyam Elementary School.
Six distinguished Japanese scholars are invited to the event to mark the 80th year of Japan-Iraq diplomatic relations; Prof. Keiko Sakai of Chiba Univ. (Politics of Iraq), Prof. Emeritus Ken Matsumoto of Kokushikan Univ. (Archeology), Prof. Toru Miura of Ochanomizu Univ. (History of the Middle East), Prof. Hiroshi Mitani of Atomi Univ. (Modern History of Japan), Associate Prof. Dai Yamao of Kyushu Univ. (Politics of Iraq), and Prof. Kazuya Ueta of Kagawa Univ. (Ethics Education of Japan).
Scholars from Japan and Iraq get together at the meeting to present the outcome of their recent academic research in the field of history, area study, education, and archeology, and exchange views and ideas as to how they can further develop Japan-Iraq cooperation in these areas. The meeting also aims to enhance networking among Japanese and Iraqi scholars and academic institutions in both countries in order to further widen the scope of intellectual cooperation building on the result of this commemorative event.
Many academics from the University of Baghdad and other Iraqi participants took part in discussion with the visiting Japanese professors in the sessions.
Ambassador Hashimoto said in his opening remarks that “This year, 2019, is a special year to mark the 80th anniversary of the Japan-Iraq diplomatic relations, and I’m excited to celebrate this year by hosting this special bilateral academic event at the Embassy”, and continued, “I hope this academic event will contribute to further enhancing the strong ties between the two countries in the future”.