Project for Provision of Mobile Medical Unit for Displaced Persons in the Camps in Erbil Governorate


On July 15, 2018, Ambassador of Japan to Iraq, Mr. Fumio Iwai, attended the delivery ceremony of the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) for the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) held at the IRCS head office in Baghdad.

The Embassy of Japan granted four hundred and ninety thousand US Dollars (USD 490,000) to IRCS for the purchase of the MMU (Hino’s truck) from Sumitomo Corporation. The MMU is equipped with 4 rooms in the trailer equipped with medical equipment as well as the training for its usage and maintenance.

The project aims at improving the medical environment for IDPs living in the camps in Makhmor by providing a mobile medical unit to go round each camp.
This grant comes under the scheme of Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects by the Government of Japan.
The Grass-roots projects aim to bring immediate and direct effects on improving the living conditions of a local community. The Embassy has carried out over 100 projects of this kind since 2003 throughout Iraq, in various fields including healthcare, education, poverty and public welfare.