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3.Visiting Japan

(1)General Information

Web Japan

Visit Japan


Currently, the Embassy of Japan in Iraq does not accept application for entry visa to Japan. Please apply entry visa at the Embassy of Japan in Jordan or the Consulate of Japan in Dubai.
(Click here for Visa information for Iraqis by the Embassy of Japan in Jordan.)
(Click here for Visa information for Iraqis by the Consulate-General of Japan in Dubai.)

(3)Study in Japan

- Scholarship Program
In order to promote mutual understanding between Japan and Iraq and to take part in the human development of Iraq, the Government of Japan (Monbukagakusho : MEXT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) has restarted providing scholarships to Iraqi youth since the 2006.
In addition to government-sponsored programs, there are various opportunities to study in Japan. If you are interested in studying in Japan, please check the web sites below.
Study in Japan
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

If you wish to apply for Japanese Government (The Ministory of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology :MEXT) scholarship for 2016 for Research Students (Master or Ph.D. Students), Undergraduate Students, College of Technology Students and Specialized Training College Students; you can download necessary forms on this page.
! Please read “Guideline” carefully before you apply !

* Application deadline:
Your application form and other required documents must reach to the Embassy no later than 25th of June, 2015.
Primary Screening (Written Examination and Interview) will be held by the end of June, and the Embassy will contact you by email the date of the screening. You are kindly requested to write your email address on your application form.

* Submitted to:
Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Iraq
International Zone, Baghdad

By Hand:
Please send an email to embjp.info.iraq@bd.mofa.go.jp to coordinate the procedure with our embassy staff.

* Application Guideline & Application Forms

Common Guidelines - Procedure

・Please read and fill all application documents that are required of you according to the guidelines.
・All documents, examinations (except the Japanese language examination) and procedures are in English.
・Age limits set by MEXT Guidelines are final. No exceptions can be made for anyone under any circumstances.
・No need for TOEFL or IELTS or other English language qualification, but academic-level English is a must. Some Universities may require such tests' results.
・Japanese language skill, if available, does not add to your eligibility. It will help you immensely once you are in Japan, however.
・Work on your "Field of Study" and "Study Plan" sections. After your average grades, these are most important.
・Try the previous exams at home. You can find them on the "Study in Japan" page by clicking the link below these instructions.
・The entire process takes roughly a year:
   Applications close on the 25th of June, 2015, at 16:00.
Examination and Interview Screening take place in the beginning of July.
・Examinations are held only once. There are no resits for any reason.
   Results come out in the middle of July:
・Successful Candidates are given a letter by the embassy to certify their passing the preliminary screening.
An answer from MEXT regarding the final placement may come any time from December of the current year till March of the following year. Meanwhile:
Successful candidates must contact their professors to prepare for their studies.
   They should also contact their universities' international student offices or equivalent regarding travel, accommodation, etc. Do this as early as possible.
   Successful candidates will begin in April (October in some cases) in the year after the application.
If you did not pass, you may try again the next year. Please do not copy/paste your old application documents with a new date and new photograph. If you did not pass with the previous study plan, there must have been a reason. You should reconsider your study approach, and write a new "Field of Study" form, and update your work/study history.
Please see following websites for your reference and for more information about Japanese universities.
Study in Japan

* For further information:
Please send email to: embjp.info.iraq@bd.mofa.go.jp

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