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●Mada TV’s interview to Ambassador Nashida
Ambassador Kazuya Nashida was interviewed by Mada TV on April 30th, 2015. In the interview, Ambassador Nashida answered questions on various fields such as his career as a diplomat, his life in Baghdad, Japanese technology, culture, education system, Japan’s foreign policy toward the Middle East and the bilateral relations between Japan and Iraq, etc.

● Ambassador Nashida’s visit to Iraqi Football Association and National Center for Nurturing Sport Talent
Ambassador Kazuya Nashida visited Iraqi Football Association (IFA) and had a meeting with Mr. Abdulkhaliq Masoud, President of IFA on April 22nd, 2015. After the meeting, Ambassador Nashida visited National Center for Nurturing Sport Talent which provides sports instruction with Iraqi youth and a neighboring stadium.

●Lunching Ceremony of the Project "Humanitarian Support to IDPs in Iraq though Provision of Durable Shelter” funded by Government of Japan
On 29th March 2015, Ambassador Kazuya NASHIDA participated in the launching ceremony of the project "Humanitarian Support to Internal Displacement Persons in Iraq though Provision of Durable Shelter” which will be implemented by UN-HABITAT.
Japanese Government provided UN-HABITAT with 15 million USD for this project. Through this project, prefabricated durable shelters with total capacity 1,700 units will be established for IDPs living in the miserable condition in Baghdad, Karbala, and Duhok Governorates. In addition, basic services (school, clinic, etc) will be also provided in their shelter sites.

Other Information from Japan

-The 9th International MANGA AwardNEW
The Embassy of Japan in Iraq is now accepting your applications for the 9th International MANGA Award.
1 Application period: Tuesday, April 27 to Saturday, June 12, 2015
2 Application to be sent to the cultural section of the Embassy of Japan in Iraq
Please visit the following website for more information.


- Abenomics
- To make Women Shine: WAW! From Japan to the World
- To make Women Shine: Japan's Efforts in Developing Countries

Announce from the Embassy
- Japan's position on the Senkaku Islands.
- Notice of Change Telephone and Fax Number.

Press Release
October 20, 2014
Statement by the Press Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, on the Recent Situation in Iraq
September 20, 2014
Emergency Grant Aid for Internally Displaced Persons Affected by the Armed Conflict in Iraq
September 9, 2014
Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan on the Formation of the New Government in Iraq

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