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●Seminar for reporting “World Assembly for Women 2015”
 On January 11, 2016, the Embassy of Japan and Al-Naharain Center for Strategic Studies co-hosted a seminar on “World Assembly for Women: WAW! 2015 in Tokyo”, inviting Ms. Hanaa Edwar, Co-Founder of Iraqi Al-Amal Association, who participated in that assembly held last summer as a speaker.
 From Tokyo, Ms. Hiromi Otsuki, Principal Deputy Director, Gender Mainstreaming Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, attended this seminar.
 At the seminar, Ms. Edwar reported the details of discussions at WAW! 2015, and Ms. Otsuki made a presentation on Japan’s initiative on empowering women.
 The seminar was well attended by Iraqi people including representatives of NGOs and human rights activists.

●Opening Ceremony for‘Qiyam school’at the Embassy of Japan
 On December 26, 2015, Ambassador Fumio Iwai held an opening ceremony of “Qiyam school”, which had opened last November, at the embassy of Japan in Iraq. This school is the first Iraqi elementary school adopting Japanese-style education, such as “moral class”and “Japanese language class”.
 A large number of people attended this ceremony including teachers of the school and pupils as well as their families. There were many also news agencies to cover this important event.
 Chairman of the school council mentioned during the ceremony that he would like to raise the generation which can rebuild Iraq and inherits the spirit of “harmony”and“team-work”, which characterizes the Japanese society.

●“Opening Ceremony of the Japanese Language Course”organized by Faculty of Arts, Baghdad University
 On December 24, 2015, Ambassador Fumio Iwai attended an“Opening Ceremony of the Japanese Language Course”organized by Faculty of Arts, Baghdad University. This Language Course is one of the Second Foreign Languge Courses in Department of English Literature.
 A large number of people attended this ceremony including President of Mustansiriya University., Dean of Faculty of Arts of Baghdad University., and students of this brand-new Japanese Course. Also, there were many news media to cover this important event.
 After the ceremony, Ambassador Iwai visited a Japanese class. During the class, Iraqi students introduced themselves in Japanese and showed their beautiful calligraphy.

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Press Release
January 24, 2016
Japan’s New Grant Assistance to Iraq
September 3, 2015
Assistance for stabilization in newly liberated areas (Counter-IED trainings for Iraqi Police officers)
July 28, 2015
Emergency Grant Assistance for Improvement of Humanitarian Situation and Stabilization in Iraq

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